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Questions about how to Name a Seat? Contact the College of Liberal Arts Development Office at

Name a Seat after your graduate to celebrate their amazing achievement!

When you Name a Seat and note that it is a graduation gift, you will receive a graduation card to share the news with your graduate.

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Naming your seat is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. 手机外网免费加速器
  2. Name Your Seat
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  3. Summary & Checkout – Verify the names, number of seats, and images are correct and typo-free.
  4. Choose the scholarship you’d like to support, make your gift, and you are all set! You’ll receive an e-mail when your name has been placed on a seat.
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    Additional $50 per icon, per seat

Questions about how to Name a Seat? Contact Leighanne Alford at

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By checking the circle below I confirm that my name, all inscription details, and the total gift amount are accurate.

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  2. 2: Name Your Seat
  3. 3: Summary & Checkout

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PLEASE NOTE: Name a Seat gifts are unrelated to the reservation or purchase of tickets to UCA performances. Name a Seat donors must still purchase tickets to any performance and are not guaranteed seating in the chairs bearing their names.

The naming of any seat at the University Center for the Arts will continue until the end of the useful life of the seat or the facility and that naming will not continue if the seat or the facility is replaced, remodeled, or demolished. Similarly, the naming of any seat may be immediately removed at the sole discretion of the university if the individual for whom the seat is named falls into disrepute.


By naming a seat, you join fellow alumni, friends, and patrons who share your belief that access to the arts and education matters. Your name also symbolizes pride in your alma mater and the deep impression the arts have made on your own life. There are many reasons to Name a Seat:

  • Name your seat after yourself or your family to share your CSU pride
  • Name your seat after your loved one to celebrate a birthday or graduation
  • Name your seat in memory of someone who inspired you.

Special bundle pricing is available when you name groups of 4 or 8 seats, so name seats after all of your loved ones!


2021永久免费的游戏加速器-2021永久免费的2021永久免费的 ...:2021-10-16 · 游戏加速是一款能够快速高效的帮助玩家加速的工具,不兼容,还有强大的破解版,能够满足玩家对加速器永久免费的这个需求,玩家不用花一分钱就能免费使用,预计是2021年最火爆的一款加速器工具,还不快来下载体验!

Since 2008, you’ve witnessed the magic of the UCA. Whether the stage featured talented CSU students or renowned international guest performers, it was in your seat that you reclined back against the rush of powerful music, leaned forward at a dramatic plot twist, and shimmied between your armrests along with the dancers.

You’ve also experienced the transformative power of the UCA as a place where CSU students discover who they are through performance, design, choreography, applied study, research, and rigorous academic courses in dance, theatre, music, music education, and music therapy.

From its beginning as the historic Fort Collins High School to establishing itself as one of the premiere university performing arts centers in the country, the UCA has been a gateway to education and the arts for generations of Lambkins and Rams alike.

Your Seat Supports a Student

For many students, Colorado State University and a degree from the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance wouldn’t be possible without scholarship support. When you Name a Seat, you open the stage for the next generation of performing arts students.

Your Name a Seat gift supports a School of Music, Theatre, and Dance scholarship, which helps attract the finest artistic talent to CSU and enables students to pursue their dreams of artistic and academic excellence.

With your gift to a music, theatre, or dance scholarship, you become part of UCA history. Your name will be placed on a seat in the theatre of your choice.

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